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Management and Conservation of Captive Tigers, Panthera tigris



1. Natural History and Status of Tigers

R. Tilson
What We Know About Wild Tigers
The Life History of Wild Tigers
Physical Characteristics
Subspecific Variation
Distribution and Status

2. Medical Management of Tigers

M. Bush, L. Phillips, R. Montali, D. Armstrong and other contributors
Shipping and Quarantine Procedures
Routine Health Management
Complete Physical Examination
Preventive Medical Procedures
Tiger Diseases
Necropsy and Pathology

3. Tiger Holding and Exhibit Facilities

M. Bush, L. Phillips, R. Montali, and other contributors

    Exhibit Design
    Enclosure Substrate
    Enclosure Furniture
    Exhibit Enrichment
    Exhibit Plantings
    Off-Exhibit Holding Areas
    Maternity Den
    Tiger Escape Policy

4. Nutrition, Food Preparation, and Feeding

E. Dierenfeld, M. Bush, L. Phillips, R. Montali, and other contributors

    Dietary Requirements
    Food Preparation
    How Much Does a Wild Tiger Eat?
    Feeding Behavior

5. Reproduction and Propagation in Tigers

U. Seal, D. Wildt, R. Tilson, A. Donoghue, N. Reindl, R. Taylor and other contributors

    Female Reproductive Behavior
    Tiger Endocrine Events
    Endocrine Events and Behavior During Estrus
    Male Reproductive Biology
    Assisted Reproduction
    Introduction of Tigers for Breeding
    FAQs About Breeding Tigers
    Excerpts from Keeper Daily Log: A Case Study.
    Control of Reproduction

6. Birth, Growth, and Rearing of Tiger Cubs

M. Bush, L. Phillips, R. Montali, E. Dierenfeld, S. Hakala, K. Traylor-Holzer, G. Binczik and R. Tilson

    Birth and Growth
    Early Maternal and Cub Behavior
    Cross-Fostering Nursing Cubs
    Hand-rearing of Cubs
    Milk Replacements
    Neonatal Growth Rates
    Neonatal Vaccinations
    Male and Cubs

7. Policies for Managing Tigers

L. Simmons, G. Brady and other contributors

8. Regional and Global Management of Tigers

R. Tilson, K. Traylor-Holzer, and G. Brady

    Introduction to an SSP
    Tiger Species Survival Plan
    Tiger Global Animal Survival Plan (now Global Conservation Strategy)
    Linking in situ and ex situ Tiger Conservation
    Zoo-Based Tiger Conservation Programs